Mohamed Gaafar

Mohamed Gaafar

“You are not the only piper, and you can learn new tunes”; that is one SOM takeaway that Mohamed Ahmed M.M. Gaafar has used to fuel his success as a translator working into and out of both Arabic and English.

With a portfolio of skills that include consecutive interpreting, certified legal translation, transcreation, subtitling, linguistic review, animated advertisement media creation, and localization, Mohamed came to SOM looking to identify new methods of professional development. He has gained that along with support and a “professional moral boost.”

Meeting new people through the group has also opened new opportunities, which Mohamed sees as expanding as the group grows. Looking towards the future, he anticipates taking advantage of every benefit the group offers to expand his own professional success.

About Mohamed

A philosophy student in 1989, Mohamed fell in love with both languages and machines. A teaching job showed that he “needed to learn before he could teach,” which led to a degree in translation and linguistics plus a TEFL diploma.

Thence followed a stint as an in-house translator/interpreter with a multinational, before he returned to freelancing in 2008. Since then, he has translated and interpreted in a wide variety of fields, including, political, medical, military, legal, and linguistic, and in his spare time studies computer coding and volunteers for nonprofits.

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