Julia Bilby

Julia Bilby

Ever had the uneasy feeling you could be getting more out of your work? Julia Bilby felt her skills had already taken her far, but immersing herself in a positive, encouraging, creative atmosphere would give her the inspiration she needed “to define what I wanted and strive for it.” In SOM, she found that atmosphere, which enabled her to “recognize my strengths and use them to my advantage, rather than following a prescribed approach that doesn’t make the most of my unique qualities.”

The tangible results? Four new clients in the month of August, all of them people and companies she is thrilled to work with. Moreover, she says, “I’ve got greater control over the terms of that work. I feel like I’m offering both myself and my clients more because of it.”

On the intangible side, Julia feels that her work and “out-of- work” selves are now better integrated, which has allowed her to bring in her sense of adventure and a hunger for new things as driving forces for building her business. In SOM she is also finding it rewarding to contribute insights that help others. Most of all, she says, “It’s great to feel like I’m working in the kind of atmosphere that so many offices wouldn’t provide: constructiveness rather than complaint, mutual encouragement, endless promotion possibilities, and a generous dose of humour.”

About Julia

Julia has been providing translation and language services since 2010. Her specialisms allow her to indulge her passions: marine and environmental issues, earth and nature, travel and tourism, human sciences and culture. She likes to stretch herself, and when she’s not tackling a challenging text, she is probably tackling a challenging yoga pose, dance move, or parkour stunt. Her clients describe her as “imaginative and resourceful” and “a very worthy investment”. She is starting to believe them!

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