Åsa Andersson

Åsa Andersson

Support in her professional development along with inspiration and personal connection were what Åsa Andersson was seeking when she joined SOM. Several months later, she can definitively say the group has provided both. SOM “has encouraged me to try out new methods and, most importantly, new attitudes — in how I engage with clients, find new clients, negotiate terms.” As a result, she says, “I have gained six new clients at significantly better rates than my old ones. The projects I work with are increasingly aligned with what I really do want to work with — texts about environmental matters, climate change, human rights, for example. I have also started to do more coaching for authors, which is something that truly makes my heart sing.”

She has also gained new friends and a global network, as well as the satisfaction of passing on her knowledge acquired through 20 years of freelancing. “This group provides me with colleagues that always make me smile and feel optimistic about things, and giving back or paying forward is important to me.” Looking toward the future, she says, “I think SOM will continue to help me develop my business and become a better translator — or person, for that matter. It will help me expand my network, give me new business and collaboration opportunities, and inspire me to take the next step.”

About Åsa

I have my roots in Upland, in the lowlands of central Sweden, and Lapland in the far north. This background, together with a stretch in the EU bureaucracy in Brussels, has taught me the value of seeing things from different perspectives. I like to see development and progress. My clients call me ‘self-propelled’ and purposeful, which sounds about right. I’m pretty punctual too, and pragmatic in my approach to problem-solving.

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