Tanya Quintieri

Tanya Quintieri

“Too many groups, too much ‘noise’, too much time spent on Facebook.” That was the problem Tanya Quintieri hoped SOM would solve for her. “I very much welcomed the concept of a group that would clearly focus on relevant discussions” she explains. “And because I’d have to pay for it, I could hold Andrew accountable on the content he would provide and curate. So it was a no-brainer, really. Shortly after I joined, I left a lot of other groups. I went from more than 120 groups down to about 15, not including my own groups. Such a time-saver!”

The saved time, the freed-up mental space, and the gained understanding that “we are all at different stages in our journey” has led Tanya to start her own online courses for translators on Teachable, including her upcoming course on outsourcing, the idea for which was born in SOM. She is now looking to form relationships with members who share her entrepreneurial values. “I think SOM is a perfect ‘breeding ground’ for fruitful connections, and the future of our profession lies in close cooperation among freelancers. SOM is the ideal place to sow your seeds. It has proved that there are groups on Facebook that focus on the values I share: Cordiality, mutual respect, and personal and professional growth.”

About Tanya

Coming from a background in marketing, Tanya offers complete language solutions to marketing agencies and clients in IT, Digitization, and Industry 4.0. With The Translators, she acts as lead translator and talent manager for her clients. Her recent nomination as Best Mentor at the ProZ.com Community Choice Awards recognises her long-lasting and continuous effort in helping other professionals to own their business, build their brand, and find their dream clients.

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