Tânia Azevedo

Tânia Azevedo

Mindset plays a large role in the success of a freelancer, who has to rely on her own motivation and determination. Tania Azevedo joined SOM in early 2017, when mindset was a major topic of discussion, and gained insight into her own mindset along with positive reinforcement from the group that helped her make changes that have reverberated through her life.

On a PhD scholarship and doing pro bono translation work, Tania had been dragging out the writing of her dissertation, always with excellent excuses: “My daughter was sick, my daughter this, my daughter that. The first positive change was the work mindset. I made a schedule and held to it, to the second. My productivity increased by 60% or more.” The other major change was profound. “I actually started believing my work was worth something. I come from a poor family, and my grandmother, who was practically illiterate, was the only one who pushed me and said I would do great things. But I couldn’t see that. SOM made me realize I’m worth it. “This caused a huge change in me — even in my posture when speaking in public. Before SOM, I was just another researcher, but last summer I decided to change that. I spoke at a researchers meeting and — because I stood out — was offered a chance to represent the university at the national scientific event and was also offered a few teaching hours at the university, even though I still hadn’t submitted my thesis! “SOM changed the way I look at myself.”


I’ve been translating since 2002, but have never gone 100% freelance, as teaching has always been a passion. I was away for almost six years when I tried working in the British financial world, and I ended up with a whole new vocabulary when the old passion prevailed. My ‘love’, though, is literary translation. I just submitted my PhD thesis, which involved translating a 14thcentury English poem into Portuguese. My biggest task so far!

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