Rea Gutzwiller

Rea Gutzwiller

Rea Gutzwiller is a self-confessed ‘reluctant marketer’, so when she joined SOM she was hoping it would bring tips and tricks for how to sell yourself better from peers who do better at it. In return, she has contributed her own series on being a nomadic translator, a series that has been published both in the group and in the bimonthly SOM magazine Connections. In doing so, she has proved the adage ‘sow and you shall reap’.

‘Since the nomading series,’ she says, ‘I’ve had a lot more requests from clients, new and old. On top of that, putting what I do into words has helped me value the things I learn on the road and, hence, better market myself. If I wanted, I could work 24/7. Before, it was perhaps 24/5.’

Looking towards the future, nomadic Rea anticipates enjoying the benefits of a ‘great professional network of SOMers all over the world. People have different ideas, read different papers, have different insights. SOM is like a daily translator’s digest where a lot of the things that are important to us are discussed.’

About Rea

Rea Gutzwiller translates marketing and technical texts from French, English, Spanish, and Italian into German. Her main focuses are travelling/tourism, fashion/textiles, food, and sustainability/cleantech. She grew up in Switzerland, and after graduating from the ETI in Geneva and a couple of years in-house started to travel the world as a nomad translator. She has visited over 20 countries in the last 6 years, which has greatly expanded her horizons and enhanced her world view. Her series of articles on the nomad lifestyle have been featured in the magazine Connections.

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