Rachael West

Rachael West

Sometimes becoming a better professional can be fun. That’s what translator Rachael West discovered when she put into practice the technique of a Standing Out Mastermind colleague. “After a recent discussion on SOM I became intrigued by one colleague’s strategy of selecting work he knows he can cruise through fast,” she says. “The day after he revealed the secret to his success, I received exactly the type of project he was talking about. It was a fun challenge to put some of his principles into action.”

Not only was it fun, it was lucrative. “I accepted a Friday afternoon rush job that I may normally decline and completed it in about two-thirds the normal time it would take me,” she explains. “That increases profitability considerably given the 30% rush surcharge and the automatically increased per hour rate.”

Rachael joined SOM because of its focus on the direct client market and the upper end of the agency market, a direction in which she’s moving her business. In addition to tips and techniques, she has found motivation and the opportunity to contrast experiences with other professionals, and anticipates that the group will help her gain greater insight into moving in new business directions such as outsourcing. Above all, she says, “It’s a great, inspirational community.”

About Rachael

With a combined degree in international trade and languages, I am a business translator with a particular passion for marketing and corporate communication translations, journalistic articles and some legal texts. I enjoy combining my work with my family life and love of endurance sports, particularly triathlon.

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