Marisa Cardon

Marisa Cardon

Often success doesn’t arrive at a gallop, but rather comes in, like fog, on “little cat feet”, the result of many small actions taken persistently and with consistent effort. But first, we have to know which actions to take.

Translator Marisa Cardon explains that in just a few months of SOM membership she has already learnt and put into practice many specific things that have improved her business management and gained her a connection with one direct client, and brought her ever nearer her goal of consistently attracting such clients, from how to email clients to charging decent rates, from using Linkedin to improving her invoicing system, and from time management to the lure of ‘nomading’.

Marisa, who specialises in legal, scientific and literary translation, learnt about SOM through ProZ, of which she is a long-time member, and was “hooked” when she heard that the focus of the group is on gaining and working with direct clients. What she didn’t anticipate gaining were the many other less tangible but equally valuable benefits. “The group is like having approximately 300 expert and active brains that are always there, brainstorming and discussing something interesting, laughing and sharing, or even more surprising, ready to help in a generous and unselfish way,” she says.

About Marisa

A former teacher of English as a foreign language and bilingual secretary, translator Marisa Cardon is the mother of two teenagers. Now that her children are older, she is happily using that extra free time to study literary translation and also to return to teaching. Thanks to her experience as an exchange student (AFS 82-83 to U.S.), she enjoys meeting people from all over the world. In the time she has left over, she enjoys reading, doing handcrafts (sewing & crotchet), and watching series on Netflix!

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