Joy Phillips

Joy Phillips

To assist with a strategic shift in her business, Joy Phillips joined Standing Out Mastermind, hoping for “a mutual exchange of ideas, lateral thinking, and alternative problem-solving that would move beyond discussions of pricing, tools, and agency communications.” As a further motivating factor, “I was also curious,” she says, “to see what initiatives would unfold in an environment where it was considered a positive quality to earn more money by serving clients better and chasing our dreams.”

What she found was inspiration in being part of an active community and learning alternative approaches to aspects of running a translation business, along with specific strategies such as ways of communicating quality and being a pleasant business partner to direct clients. As a result, the months she has spent in SOM have been “a positive contributing factor in maintaining a proactive attitude throughout changes, setbacks, and unexpected opportunities.”

About Joy

As a translator, copywriter, author’s editor, and entrepreneur, Joy has had 20+ years of experience in helping fiction writers, researchers, companies, NGOs and government authorities convey their concepts to a broader international audience.

Although she has a strong focus on climate and environment, IT and telecom, technology and innovation, and creative design, Joy’s secret superpower truly comes into play on texts that require improbable combinations — like pilgrimage routes, water management, medieval economies, and EU policy.


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