Elisabeth Fuchs

Elisabeth Fuchs

English-to-French translator Elisabeth Fuchs is a whizz with words but, she says, she knows “nothing about marketing”. So when a colleague in the Standing Out Mastermind group for translators suggested an uncomplicated marketing technique, Elisabeth decided to try it out. The result astonished her. “Two days later,” she says, “I had my first subtitling project of a full-length film!”

What’s more, that one step outward started a flow of new, enjoyable projects that hasn’t stopped, a state that Elisabeth calls ‘expanded reality’ — a phrase from one of the SOM ‘Monday Mindset’ videos.

A rapid route to new projects isn’t all that Elisabeth has discovered in SOM. “I felt as if I had found my tribe,” she says. “I feel more energised and hopeful about my professional future.” A future in which SOM will play a large part. “I hope to continue learning how to get more clients and assignments, improve my mindset so life feels less stressful, improve my skills, make more friends, find interesting events and conferences to attend . . .”

About Elisabeth

From her initial training and career as a speech therapist to her current activity as an audiovisual translator, Elisabeth Fuchs’ work has always been about language(s). She loves that she can work on very serious texts (medical translations), combine a long-time hobby and her job (translating quilting magazines and books), and have fun subtitling TV series and films.

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